Delivery Information


General Delivery Rates

Jerusalem and Givat Ze'ev ONLY: $14 

(1-2 business day express delivery) 
Specific Jerusalem Suburbs: $20 (1-2 business day express delivery) Mevasseret, Modi'in/Illit, Bet Shemesh/RBS ONLY

If your location is not mentioned above, please contact us to check we deliver before placing your order using this option!
We guarantee your delivery within 1-2 business days within placing your order unless a specific date has been agreed upon before ordering. We try our best to send out our deliveries as quickly as possible in these locations and balloon and baked goods are inclusive in these locations.
These deliveries are made by drivers in which we can guarantee a specific date for delivery.

Anywhere else in Israel (any area not mentioned above): $15 (2-5 business day delivery) e.g Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Hertziliya, Ashdod, Petach Tikva, Rananna, Netanya, Gush Etziyon etc.

For deliveries to all locations in Israel, we aim to deliver your package within 2-5 business days depending on the location. As a courier service is used, it is essential that we have a cellphone number for the recipient, any order that is received without an Israeli number will NOT be sent out. There are locations where we only have deliveries once or twice a week, but we try our best to send out the package as soon as possible and we do NOT guarantee a date of arrival!

Friday and Shabbat (Saturday) and all holidays are NOT working business days with our delivery service!

**Please note: Perishable items are NOT included in this delivery option, such as cookies, brunch boxes and donuts. If baked goods are inclusive in a speicifc package, they will be replaced with an item of the same or more value and no balloons can be added to your order**

Delivery Information

We must have a valid Israeli cellphone number for the recipient. There must be a full address with any building codes included. If a recipient is unreachable and no one answers the door we will leave the package at the designated location, outside the door or with a neighbor. (if none of the above is an option we will have an additional charge to redeliver again) We do not accept responsibility once the package has been delivered to its destination.


Seminaries and Yeshivas - Please state the name of the institution in the shipping information and any information we should know. There must be an Israeli contact number for the recipient plus any building information. If the student is unreachable, packages are delivered to the schools office/reception/guard or given to a fellow student. We do not accept responsibility once the package has been delivered to the institution.

Jerusalem Hospitals - There is an additional charge to send to a hospital in Jerusalem, please contact us before placing your order!
We can not deliver to any hospitals outside of Jerusalem.

If we attempt a delivery and we are unsuccessful in reaching the recipient or the address/phone information was incorrect, we will have an additional charge to re deliver the package at another time.

The last time to place an order for Shabbat is Wednesday 12pm EST.
The last time to place an order for Sunday is Thursday 12pm EST

Do you have any questions regarding our delivery services? Reach out to us through the chat on the right side or the options below:
Whatsapp: +972-50-836-7784